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    A unice solution for placing transport belts inside the cargo space.

    TSS can be used in many types of vehicles:

    Check out the galery of TSS


    Aadvantages of TSS:

    • Transport belts are always unfolded
    • Transport belts will not get wet and they will not freeze in winter
    • Transport belts are always ready for use without having to be thrown over the load
    • Convenient use from ground level
    • Safety of the driver while securing the load - no need to enter the cargo space or onto the load
    • Reduction of the time needed to secure the load
    • Adaptation to any number of transport belts
    • Locking in any position, making the system stationary for standard loads, or unlocking for any positioning of the
    • Transport belts, adapting to the load
    • Loading from any side of the vehicle or from the top
    • Much faster of securing and unlocking the cargo

    Thanks to the use of TSS, we can eliminate the following problems

    • Wet belts located in boxes under the trailer
    • Falling out belts of the boxes under the trailer
    • The necessity to unfold and wind up transport belts
    • Throwing belts over the load
    • Dirt of the belts
    • Tearing of the belts
    • Falls of the driver securing the load from the load or from the cargo space
    • Long time of securing the cargo
    • Leaving the belts at the customer's
    • Entanglement of the belts when securing e.g. machines
    The cost of the system depends on the type of structure to which it is mounted and the number of transport belts.

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